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About Raj Bhukhri

Driven by a strong desire to express himself, Rajbhukhri Singh (21) an artist by choice, Hunger pangs due to poverty do not deter his spirits. Son of a labourer of bhkhi kalan, on Tajpur Road here, Rajbhukhri Singh, is a B.A , gifted with a mature mind, anfd talent tp express his felling with oil on canvas. He belong to a humble family, where telling parents to provide oil paints is asking too much. This self-learned painter has been saving every penny to buy colors and create something that conveys a message. He has been able to sell some of beautiful portraits of Heer Ranjha and Sassi Punnu. He is grateful to the principal of his former school, Ms Amarjit, for encouraging him to participate in painting competitions.
His drawing teacher, Mr Rajbhukhri also showed him the way. As a child then he was absorbed in planning, him we brothers and sisters used to call him good for nothing" fellow. Bu this mother, Ms Amarjit Kaur , always shielded him from the wrath of his family members and supported him in family desire to become a professional artist.
A feminist to the core, his paintings depicting the sufferings of women, leaves one wondering how a simple and shy youth like him can understand their emotions with such depth.
His painting enough to prove the maturity of his thoughts and perfection on his hand. his portrait of famous artist Sobha Singh, brought him dinner invitation from his daughter. There he met many artists who praised his work, His five year journey as a painter started when he made a maintaining count also. After passing his senior secondary examination. He wanted to go in for a bachelor in fine arts but lack of funds look its toll. I have never asked my father for money. Rather I have always tried to help my siblings with my small earning. God has always been helpful to me. He gifted me with this talent. Now he would help me to nurture.